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Information Disclosure Agreement


By Submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions as outlined below, and do hereby consent to the conditions as printed.

I understand that I am applying for a loan from the Seller (the “Loan”) to purchase a chattel as described in the Seller’s bill of sale. On behalf of the Seller, Artistic Financial Inc. will be referring this application to financial institutions because the Seller intends to assign the Loan to the financial institution (the “Lender”) if my application is approved. The Loan is a separate transaction from the purchase; my obligation to make Loan payments to the Lender will not be affected by any dispute that may arise between myself and the Seller. I hereby certify that the information I have given on this form is true and correct.

To enable financial institutions to assess the risk of providing credit to me, I consent to Artistic Financial Inc., and its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “AFI”), and the financial institutions obtaining my full personal credit report from credit reporting agencies and providing information about my credit history and other personal information to other financial institutions and credit reporting agencies to update my credit information and maintain the integrity of the credit reporting system.

I consent to Artistic Financial Inc., the Seller and the Lender to collect, use and disclose my personal information, as set out in the Artistic Financial Inc. Credit Application form, for the purposes of:

    1. Verifying my identity, employment status, residence, credit and other personal information about me in accordance with the Lender’s requirements to manage its risk arising from its operations or as otherwise required by law, including money laundering laws and regulations;
    2. Enabling the Lender to adequately assess, from time to time, the risks associated with opening and operating the Loan, including any future loans, any present or future credit applications, providing financial products or services requested by me, or the continued provision of credit or financial products or service to me;
    3. Enforcing the Loan and any related agreement and to facilitate the collection of debts owing by me or for which I am financially responsible to the Lender;
    4. Processing this application and providing and administering the Loan and related products and services for me, and ensuring my records are kept separate from others with the same name; and
    5. Transferring, financing, or selling of loans held by the Lender, such as in a syndication or securitization of loans.

I can withdraw any consent I give for the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information at any time by contacting Artistic Financial Inc. and the Lender in writing. If I withdraw my consent, I understand Artistic Financial Inc. and the Lender may no longer be able to provide me with the Loan.

I also consent to Artistic Financial Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries communicating with me by commercial electronic message (such a email, voice, sound, text or image) for any purpose related to the uses listed above in this consent form, the Loan and any future loan and insurance opportunities. My consent is not required where Artistic Financial Inc. communicates with me by commercial electronic message for the purpose of, and in keeping with, legislative requirements. I may withdraw my consent to receiving commercial electronic messages at any time by contacting Artistic Financial Inc.

I understand Artistic Financial Inc. and the Lender will use my personal information relating to the Loan to market to me, including by commercial electronic message, if I have previously provided a marketing consent to the Lender.

I understand that this acknowledgement constitutes my electronic signature, acceptance, and agreement of the above conditions.

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